My notes

Semester 3

CS2103T Software Engineering
Final Grade: A-

I would say this module is pretty easy. I misjudged the difficulty when I started the mod, especially with the IP (Individual Project), in which I put in many of my hours unnecessarily. However, after we proceed to TP (Team Project), I laid back more as we equally divided the workload to each member.

This may be due to our very experienced leader who led the team to success, who coincidentally is my friend. Our team was relatively strong and hardworking in the programming component, and was pretty cohesive as well.

Our team project is featured in the front page of this website: Minefriends.

CS2101 Effective Communication for Computing Professionals

This module was twinned with CS2103T. It is compulsory to take this together with the CS2103T.

My class was taught by the module coordinator who is very experience in this topic. I would feel that we had one of the better teachers as she would make our class exciting and engaging. I feel that I had learned a lot from this course.

However, the grading for the course is largely dependent on the bell curve. People like my friends who had many experience in presentations, they had honed their presentations well and was able to achieve better grades than people like me whose only experience is PW in JC. That being said, I am actually very shocked at the difference in the quality of presentation from the students in the class.

CS2100 Computer Organisation

This module was okay at first, however a lot of hiccups along the way as there was a new prof.

All in all, I would say the final paper was what destroyed my grade for this module. The final paper only have 37 points for 50% of the score? And I wasn't able to answer the first portion as it is basically a IQ test for coming up with the solution to the question. And in the nit of time, I was too anxious to think about the problem properly as I did not expect the difference in the setting of the paper.

(Also what's up with the missing equation in the first question?...)

CS2105 Introduction to Computer Networks
Final Grade: A

All in all a very good module. I was able to learn the fundamental knowledge of Computer Networks easily as the lectures and exams were not too difficult. Although you need to make sure that you do not make any careless mistakes in exam like me (which could have caused me my A+).

Anyways, the module was organized into 4 lab assignments, 1 25% midterm, 1 50% finals. The score is 1:1 for each point obtained in the exam and lab.

RVN1001 The Great Extinction: rewilding and conservation
Final Grade: CS

This module is no longer offered after my sem. This is because all GEN mods are now 2k in level and no longer CS/CU.

Anyways, the module coordinator who taught the class was very strict in terms of teaching style. And the scores obtained was biased to the likability of the student. On top of that, there is also a lot of heavy physical works (trekking in the jungle during a heavy downpour?!). Therefore, I do not recommend this mod.